Welcome! Kathie McMahon is a children's lit author who writes engaging books for kids age 6-12. Current chapter book series, Mortimer and Me, focuses on 8-year-old Jimmy Robertson and his friend Mortimer, a friendly moose who wanders into Jimmy's town of Peabody, Wisconsin.

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Mortimer and Me

A boy and a moose . . .

What could possibly go wrong?


Eight-year-old Jimmy is the new kid in school and he’s already been labeled as a troublemaker. After his first attempt to make a friend has disastrous results, the only one who seems to care about him is Mortimer – a big ole clumsy moose that wanders into town causing problems of his own. Jimmy and Mortimer face one setback after another, including a run-in with a couple of bullies and an escape by the class pet. The soccer game between the teachers and the third graders might be the opportunity Jimmy is searching for. Can he and Mortimer finally prove to everyone that they belong?

If it is to be, it’s up to me!


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A Chapter Book for ages 6-9
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Pockets Magazine
August 2019
"Gator Boy vs. the Bully"
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Featured in Gilbert Sun News - Page 19
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Mortimer and Me: The Bigfoot Mystery

It all started with a huge footprint . . .

Eight-year-old Jimmy and his moose friend Mortimer join the rest of the Trailblazers on a camping trip to earn their Outdoor Adventure badge. What starts out as a team building exercise soon turns into an investigation of a mysterious footprint that can’t be described as animal or human. What kind of creature made it and where did it go? One discovery leads to another, until no one knows what to believe anymore. But one thing is for sure . . . they are not alone.

Take only memories, leave only footprints.

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Mortimer and Me:

Moose For Hire

Friends come in all shapes and sizes . . .

Another adventure with eight-year-old Jimmy and his moose friend Mortimer leads them on a mission. When Grandpa's childhood friend, Charlie, falls after helping Jimmy and his dad build a treehouse, Jimmy feels responsible. To make matters worse, Jimmy overhears his parents express concern for Charlie's medical bills. Determined to help, Jimmy and Mortimer set out to find a summer job. Despite failing at mowing lawns, delivering groceries, spinning signs, and walking dogs, Jimmy finally comes up with the perfect plan. That is, until a catastrophe threatens to destroy everything.

Believe in yourself and you're halfway there!

A Chapter Book for ages 6-9
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"I was looking forward to seeing what new adventure Jimmy and Mortimer would have in the sequel, Mortimer and Me: The Bigfoot Mystery. In this story, Mortimer and Jimmy join the Trailblazers and head to the woods to earn their Outdoor Adventure badge. Of course, there are many surprises throughout the trip, and the reader is never sure what they might find next. A great story for elementary students and a fun, exciting read-aloud for teachers."

Peggy Yaw, Resource Center Specialist, Barbara Bush Elementary School -

Mesa, Arizona

"In Jimmy and Mortimer's next adventure, mysterious footprints spark the Trailblazers' curiosity on their camping trip. But are the "Bigfoot" footprints for real, or is Bigfoot just a ghost story? Either way, Jimmy is determined to find out. As he investigates, he learns the value of teamwork, friendship, and forgiveness. A fun mystery for early elementary grades."

Karen S. Chow, Author,

Miracle (coming Spring 2022)

In Moose For Hire, Jimmy and Mortimer Moose team up for the third time in this heartfelt story of laugh-out-loud misadventures, family, friendships, and triumph.

Mary Louise Sanchez, Author

The Wind Called My Name

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