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Fun Facts About Moose

• A moose is the largest member of the deer family, but they have a four-chambered stomach like a cow (which is also what a female moose is called). A male moose is a bull, and a baby moose is a calf.

• The plural of moose is moose.

• A full-grown male moose is taller than a horse and can weigh over 1300 pounds!

• Only male moose grow antlers, which can span up to five feet and weigh over 65 pounds. They lose their antlers once a year in the winter and grow new ones in the spring.

• Moose have wide hooves that act like snowshoes, allowing them to walk on top of the snow.

• Moose are excellent swimmers and can dive more than fifteen feet under water when searching for food. They are vegetarians (also called herbivores), meaning they eat no meat, only plants or fruits.

• Moose live about 15-25 years and require a lot of forested acreage for survival, which is why they've never been widely domesticated.

• A moose can run up to 35mph over short distances. Its front legs are longer than the back legs, making it easier to jump over things lying in its path.

• The hump on a moose's back is caused by massive shoulder muscles.

• Moose have poor eyesight, but excellent sense of hearing and smell.

• Moose are solitary animals, meaning they don't form herds.

• Moose have few enemies except Siberian tigers, and sometimes grey wolves are a threat to females and calves. Moose are not usually aggressive toward humans unless provoked.

What About Bigfoot?


• Bigfoot made a cameo appearance on the TV show "Six Million Dollar Man" in the 1970's.

• The FBI investigated what was thought to be Bigfoot's hair, but was instead found to be from the deer family.

• Bigfoot is described as a primate, 6 to 15 feet tall, giving off a foul smell, and either moving silently or giving off a high-pitched cry.

• Footprints have measured up to 24 inches in length and 11 inches wide.

• About one-third of the sightings have occurred in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Washington, but there have been other sightings in the Great Lakes area and all across the United States.

• Only 16% of Americans believe in Bigfoot, but that's more than those who believe in the Big Bang Theory.

• Bigfoot is also known as "Sasquatch."

• Bigfoot is covered in hair, not fur, described as black, dark brown, or dark reddish.

Summer Jobs For Kids


• mowing lawns

• lemonade stand

• dog walker/pooper scooper

• washing cars

• pet sitter

• yard work

• skim the pool

• rake leaves

• fold laundry

• wash/dry dishes

4 MORTIMER copy.jpg

Real Animals In Space

Dog in spcae.jpg

• monkeys (Able, Barker, Albert II)

• mice (Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, Phooey)

• dogs (Laika was the first animal to orbit the Earth)

• chimpanzees (Ham)

• rabbits (Marfusha)

• cats (Felicette)

• frogs

• tortoises

• fish

• spiders

But NOTHING as large as a MOOSE!!!

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