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Full Reviews for the Mortimer and Me series

There's No Excuse to Miss This Moose. Check out Mortimer and Me!

Most kids have experienced the apprehension of being the odd one out. Most kids have felt the frustration of truly trying their best, but still disappointing their teachers and parents. Most kids are not best friends with a moose. In Mortimer and Me, Kathie McMahon seamlessly blends the familiar with the fantastical in a high-energy romp that is sure to delight young readers. They will enjoy this easy-to-read book's combination of everyday situations they can relate to and strange adventures they wish they could partake in.

Freckle-faced third-grader Jimmy Robertson is doing his best to blend in at his new school, but failing miserably. When Jimmy finds a friendly moose whose good intentions also often go awry, the two quickly form a special bond. Tom Tate's detailed, expressive illustrations highlight some of the funniest moments in Jimmy and his big pal's mischief-making.

Whether it is taking care of the class hamster, getting a new bike, scoring the winning goal, or being embarrassed by a little sister, McMahon authentically captures the high stakes and roller coaster ride of adolescent experiences with sincerity, warmth, frankness, and respect. Young readers will sympathize with Jimmy's struggles and celebrate his triumphs. While Mortimer and Me is peppered with humorous shenanigans and silly banter, McMahon does not shy away from serious topics that deeply affect young people. She addresses the loss of a grandparent in a manner that is sensitive and heartfelt and will help young readers better understand how to honor the memory of the deceased by learning from their loved one's lessons.

Mortimer and Me is a fun-filled, fast-paced adventure that demonstrates the power of friendship with all life forms.

~ Stacey Lane

Award-winning, published children's playwright

A Delightful Tale!

Mortimer and Me, by Kathie McMahon, is a delightful tale about perseverance and friendship. Jimmy, a new student, is struggling with fitting in and making friends. Along comes a moose named Mortimer and an unlikely friendship develops. This is a sweet story suitable for any elementary library and is relatable for all students.

~ Cindy Schaible

Augusta Ranch Elementary School Librarian

A Fun and Entertaining Book for Any Kid (or Moose)

Mortimer and Me sparkles with humor and high jinks. Young readers are sure to relate to third grader Jimmy Robertson, whose good intentions always go awry. When his family moves to a new state, Jimmy doesn't expect that he will like school or make friends . . . until he meets a certain moose named Mortimer. Like Jimmy, Mortimer just doesn't quite fit in with others. But as these two unlikely companions bounce from one adventure to the next, a genuine friendship develops, one that will keep readers eager to see what happens next. Each chapter is complemented by an illustration that captures both the warmth and the absurdity of Jimmy's latest exploits. Filled with uplifting messages and positive portrayals of adult role models, Mortimer and Me is a fun and entertaining book for any kid (or moose) ready to start reading chapter books.

~ Mary Lambert

Author, Family Game Night and Other Catastrophes

Equal Parts Suspense and Humor in The Bigfoot Mystery

Jimmy's dad and his friend's father form a third-grade scout group called the Trailblazers. While working on their Outdoor Adventure badge, the Trailblazers find evidence that a large creature with enormous footprints lives in the woods. Despite difficulties getting along with each other, the scouts learn to work as a team, and "aided" by Jimmy's moose friend, Mortimer, solve the mystery -- or do they? McMahon crafts this story with equal parts of suspense and humor.

~ Andrea R. Huelsenbeck


Reader is Never Sure What Will Happen Next

After enjoying the friendship of Mortimer and Jimmy Robertson in Mortimer and Me, I was looking forward to seeing what new adventure the two would have in the sequel, Mortimer and Me: The Bigfoot Mystery. I was pleased that many of the characters we met in the first book returned for this new story, especially Mortimer and Jimmy. In this story Mortimer, Jimmy, and his Trailblazers group head to the woods to earn their Outdoor Adventure badge. Many activities are planned; nature hikes, fishing, and campfire cookouts with scary stories. Of course, Mortimer and Jimmy have a few surprises throughout the trip, and the reader is never sure what they will find next. The story ends with some anticipation of Mortimer and Jimmy's next adventure. A great story for elementary students, and a fun, exciting read-aloud for teachers.

~ Peggy Yaw

Resource Center Specialist, Barbara Bush Elementary School


A Fun Mystery for Early Elementary Grades

In Jimmy and Mortimer's next adventure, mysterious footprints spark the Trailblazers' curiosity on their camping trip. But are the "Bigfoot" footprints for real, or is Bigfoot just a ghost story? Either way, Jimmy is determined to find out. As he investigates, he learns the value of teamwork, friendship, and forgiveness. A fun mystery for early elementary grades.

~ Karen S. Chow

Author, Miracle (coming in Spring 2023)

Great Book if You're Into Adventure

Mortimer and Me is a very adventurous book. It's a book that I love and maybe even one of my favorites. I am so happy to read the next one. It is definitely a book that I would suggest to my friends and I definitely will tell them about this. If you are into adventure, I would definitely buy this book. Thank you for making it! It was something I enjoyed. The one thing I didn't like was that it was very short and it only took me a week to read it. But it was a very awesome book.

~ Sophia G.

8-year-old reader

Another Great Sequel

In Moose For Hire, Jimmy and Mortimer Moose team up for the third time in this heartfelt story of laugh-out-loud misadventures, family, friendships, and triumph."

~ Mary Louise Sanchez

Author,The Wind Called My Name

Moose In Space is a Must For Every Classroom!

Filled with laughter and adventure, the reader is pulled into Jimmy’s orbit as he and his pals navigate the 4th grade science fair! Rocketry, teamwork, perseverance, problem-solving and resilience set the scene and you can't help but cheer for the kids in Mr. Delgado's 4th grade class. This book is a must read for every  classroom!


~ Colleen Howard

STEM Specialist, Mesa Public Schools, Mesa, AZ

A Fun, Spooky Adventure!

Fourth grade can be quite a challenge. For Jimmy and his moose friend Mortimer, the fourth grade can also be a spooky adventure. In The House On Briarwood Lane, Author Kathie McMahon brings together a sprinkle of friendship with a dose of mystery, to include science experiments and a fun classroom style. An easy read for young chapter book readers."


~ Lorraine Hawley

Author, Curious World of Dandy-Lion

Great Series for Kids!

The Mortimer and Me series is currently five books about a boy starting a new school in third grade in a completely different part of the United States. I like the fact that Mortimer (the moose) does not talk but has his own way of communicating that Jimmy understands. I believe that will resonate with children more. I also like how Kathie provides a synopsis somewhere in the first chapter to explain the relationship between Mortimer and Jimmy in case anyone were to read the stories not in the order they were written. I especially enjoyed The Bigfoot Mystery as I think it shows really well how all the kids interact outside of school. I also enjoyed Moose In Space because it shows their fourth grade teacher in detail - Mr. Delgado - and how much fun he is. How great would school have been for everyone if ALL teachers were like this! Looking forward to the next one!

~ Beth Sheffer, YA/MG author

Facts With Fun!

The sixth book in the Jimmy and Mortimer series finds Jimmy and his friends, and of course Mortimer, engaged in another lively adventure. Mr. Delgado is a teacher who makes a difference. Here he has tasked the class with writing and performing a musical lauding their state, Wisconsin. There are both setbacks and successes as they head to the deadline for script and rehearsals, and Jimmy finds out something which may account for his arch rival Kevin being so mean. The whole book gives facts with fun, and fans of the series will be very happy with this one.

~ Beth McLaughlin, MG author

Entertaining AND Educational!

The Moosical is a charming story that is both entertaining and educational. Jimmy and the Trailblazers are their usual creative selves, and Mortimer the moose steals the show. It's a great read for any age.

~ Shirleen Helfrick

Author, Area 51 Stop and Shop

I Want Mortimer for a Pet!

I was introduced to Mortimer and Me when my sister gave it to our third-grade granddaughter. We read the book together and I immediately was fascinated with Kathie McMahon's writing style. It is descriptive, creative, humorous, and flows so well you just have to keep reading. You can easily visualize what is happening and you feel like you have a front row seat watching it all take place. Each book has numerous messages of encouragement and lessons for kids. Illustrator Tom Tate's drawings are filled with details and facial expressions that also help the stories come alive. I've read all the books in the series and each one is so enjoyable. You continue to get to know the characters. I've fallen in love with Mortimer - I want him for a pet!

I wish there had been books written like this when I was in elementary school, because I really didn't like to read. If there had been Mortimer and Me books, I know I would have experienced the joy of reading.

~ Lori H., grandmother and Mortimer's biggest fan

Another delightful adventure with Jimmy and Mortimer the Moose

In Undercover Moose, Mortimer and the kids are on a quest to discover who their town’s founder is. What follows is a twisting tale of a mysterious note, discovered by accident, with clues in the form of riddles; a key . . . to what?; a meeting with the founder’s relative, a hermit living in the woods; a menacing real-estate developer who plans to build houses in the forest where Mortimer lives; missing gold; a time capsule that includes an old record made by the founder himself; and finally the answer to where the gold is and who gets it. The story is upbeat, fun, vividly presented, and sure to keep kids reading until the end, when everything comes together during the town’s anniversary celebration—in which the kids play a prominent role.

~ Joseph Kimble, Author, Mr. Mouthful Learns His Lesson

Heartwarming and Relevant Story

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The story is so heartwarming and sweet. As someone who had trouble fitting in when I was young, I could totally identify with Jimmy. I needed Mortimer in my life back then! I’m a literacy coach and plan on reading this book with my students. The story has lots of good lessons for kids today on how to be kind, patient, and accepting. Bravo!

~ Cynthia Bordelon, Author, Sara Full of Wonder chapter book series

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